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Prescription Drug Rehab Center at Windward Way

Offering a Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction Like No Other

The reasons why most young adults became addicted to prescription drugs are varied. The most common ones we see at Windward Way are:

  • A doctor or physician had prescribed painkillers to deal with a chronic pain issue.
  • Medical professionals sought treatment to address an issue like anxiety or depression.
  • Stimulants initially prescribed to deal with ADD or ADHD eventually got out of hand.
  • A prescription intended on addressing a short-term issue with sleep turned into chronic use.
  • A person had obtained prescription medication such as opiate painkillers, benzodiazepines, or stimulants from an illicit source (through theft or a drug dealer).

Whatever the situation, our drug rehab will help you with your dependence on these medications. Windward Way alcohol & drug treatment center has firmly established the premier rehab center for prescription drugs, custom-fit for you and attuned to your needs.

To be honest, it’s our client feedback that backs up why we do things the way we do. Time after time, we hear that our rehabilitation treatment program for prescription drug addiction has given young men “a reason to get up and face the day with excitement” and prepare them “to meet the challenges of life with purpose and meaning.”

Don’t fall victim as one of the millions of Americans every year who don’t receive the treatment they deserve. The addiction treatment program we employ has helped thousands of young adults. You too can break away from the slavery of addiction to prescription drugs and find real lasting freedom.

Your Next Step

Whether you’re seeking a prescription drug treatment for your son, boyfriend, nephew, husband, or yourself, you will discover that our admissions professionals are not only well acquainted with the varied addiction types that exist, we also offer perspective about the recovery process—we want you to know that the hope for a new life is real.  Our admissions process will determine what steps are appropriate to help you realize a life without the ball-and-chain of prescription medication and release you from the endless drug seeking. We’re available 24 hours a day to assist you. Call now. 855-491-7694.