Prescription Drug Detox at Windward Way

People Withdrawing from Prescription Drugs Need a Medically Supervised Detox

People do not plan on becoming dependent to prescription drugs. Addiction is a complicated disease affecting the brain. Just as any chronic illness requires medical supervision, so too detoxing from prescription medication needs a medical intervention to be effective. The people entering our detox center at Windward Way are not only under constant observation, our professionals also often provide the lifesaving medications our clients need to transition into our prescription rehab program.

Here are some of the categories for prescription pills and medications we provide medical care for, at our highly praised and dually-accredited detox center:

  • Amphetamines (such as Adderall® or Ritalin®)
  • Barbiturates (including phenobarbital, among others)
  • Benzodiazepines (including Ativan® or Xanax®)
  • Dissociatives (like ketamine or nitrous oxide)
  • Opioid Painkillers (such as OxyContin® or Vicodin®)

You should never begin the process of detoxification off prescription medication alone. Windward Way’s prescription pills detox (as well as other forms of medication) is exactly the medically supervised program for detoxification you’ve been looking for. Don’t wait for things to get worse; call us now at (855) 491-7694.

The Windward Way for Recovery from Addiction to Prescription Drugs

One aspect of our program for recovery we never question is that every man entering our program has unique needs to begin the journey in a life without drugs. Not only are the addiction types affecting each individual radically different from the next, but each person will also react with completely varied responses to treatment. The experts at Windward Way are as nimble in adjusting the treatment plan for each man we treat, as they are sophisticated in crafting the structure our clients often long for in an addiction treatment program.

Since a detox for prescription drugs is only the beginning of the journey for you or someone you care about, let Windward Way craft a completely unique plan, custom fit for your situation. Our admissions process is as straightforward as it is heartening. Our intake experts know the ropes around medical insurance providers. We readily “speak the language” to make treatment affordable. Set aside a moment, right now. We’ll make the process of starting this passage into a new and exciting future easy for you: (855) 491-7694.