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Treatment for Ritalin® Addiction at Windward Way

Ritalin® (and Concerta®) contain(s) the active ingredient, methylphenidate—a stimulant drug most commonly used to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The potential for this drug’s abuse has been widely established. The withdrawal from this prescription medication may be particularly difficult. Our intake staff will guide you through the steps you’ll need to make to enter into our effective and totally individualized prescription rehab.

Lately, college students have been ostensibly using the drug to enhance performance. However, an unintended consequence often following this practice is a severe dependence on Ritalin. Since doses much larger than a therapeutic level are common with abuse of this drug, our clinically supervised personnel—both at our Ritalin Detox and within our ongoing program—will offer the highest level of care you can find. Call us now to see how Ritalin addiction rehab at Windward Way can facilitate an end to the non-stop drama of abuse. 855-491-7694.

Young men who have become addicted to Ritalin will find that we help reshape their life goals to strive after healthier activities with Windward Way’s rehab geared to address Ritalin addiction. Rather than constantly chasing after drugs, many of our program’s graduates find a new purpose, meaning, and direction with our addiction treatment program.

If you (or a son, a husband, a boyfriend, or a young man you know) are suffering from a dependency to Ritalin that has spun out of control, reach out to Windward Way to begin your admissions process into our engaging and reassuring program. Help is available, right here at Windward Way. Let us craft a plan of action, built just for you: 855-491-7694.