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Treatment for Barbiturates Addiction at Windward Way

Barbiturates are a class of drug most commonly used to treat certain seizure disorders. People who are addicted to barbiturates are at a high risk of seizures when they withdraw. Windward Way will set your mind at ease and determine for you whether a barbiturates detox is appropriate because withdrawal can be life threatening.

People who have graduated from Windward Way’s world-class prescription rehab report what a difference our clinically supervised staff had made for them. Take action now to see how barbiturates addiction rehab at Windward Way makes an effort to stop the cycle of abuse. (855) 491-7694.

 Since barbiturates are a depressant (downer), often abusers find difficulty in engaging in life. Windward Way works hard to help people find purpose, structure and meaning to their lives with our dually-accredited addiction treatment program.

If you or someone you know suffers from a dependence to barbiturates that has spun out of control, Windward Way can help you begin your admissions process into our world-class program. We’re here to formulate a custom plan, just for you. (855) 491-7694.