About Us

Learn About Windward Way Recovery Center

Windward Way has successfully treated thousands of men and women for drug and alcohol addiction.

Our clinically supervised, dually accredited treatment center and long-term program of recovery provide our clients with medical assistance and real-world life skills, including responsibility, accountability, and structure.

Windward Way is simply the best substance abuse program you can find for men and women 18+.

As a leading US addiction rehab center, we provide a healthy, positive environment where our clients learn the recovery process in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We believe that many who suffer from addiction are missing basic life skills. Windward Way aims to help clients shift focus and thrive by passing along the hope in recovery that our own counselors and staff embody and embrace.

Our setting in southern California only enhances and furthers our mission to help men and women rediscover themselves, the Windward Way.

Call us now to begin to reclaim your life. Addiction doesn’t have to win—you can be the hero of your story. (855) 491-7694.