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Addiction Treatment Center at Windward Way

Offering a Treatment Solution for Addiction Like No Other

There are many reasons why most young adults became addicted to drugs. Here is a list of the most common ones we encounter at Windward Way’s substance abuse treatment program:

  • Drugs are powerful—they fill the perceived boredom many young people experience.

This first point may seem obvious, but it’s one that many people seem to miss: drugs deliver (at least initially) on the promises they seem to make. At the start, using drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine or marijuana can be a fun experience. Many on our staff are on long-term recovery themselves and recognize the power these drugs hold over a person’s life.

The catch, of course, is twofold: 1) They quit working like they once did, and; 2) The negative side effects and serious consequences to a person’s health inevitably always outweigh whatever fun they provided in the beginning. Drugs can and do ruin millions of lives and cost billions in wasted dollars each year. At Windward Way, we fill our client’s lives instead with purpose and meaning that only a life in recovery can bring. Since we deal with many different addiction types, you’ll be happy to know that many of our alumni first found the real solution they were searching for specifically at our substance abuse rehab center.

  • Young men see friends, role models or famous movie stars using drugs and think they can do the same.

“Peer pressure” is a real phenomenon, but the concept is frequently misunderstood as the tired cliché: ‘Come on. Try it. It’ll make you fly.’ The fact is our culture is inundated with images of alcohol and drug use in both the media and online; often those who view it see absolutely no repercussions whatsoever.

Of course, that’s just not reality. The fact is that virtually no one can use drugs for any length of time without something bad happening (i.e. legal issues, health-wise, a loss of a job, or broken relationships). Thankfully, we confront this fiction at Windward Way and offer a new, solid foundational approach to life that young men only will find through our addiction treatment center—we are simply an addiction rehab like no other.

  • Some men self-medicate to treat an underlying mental illness such as clinical depression, bipolar disorder, or another disorder to ease their pain.

This reason we see particularly often at Windward Way: a person entering our rehab actually has a mis- or under-diagnosed co-occurring disorder that has not been dealt with. Fortunately for the young men we treat at our addiction treatment program for substance abuse, Windward Way’s clinical partnership with mental health professionals can address these disorders simultaneously; it allows young men to find the balance they may have not even realized they needed.

Whatever the situation, our drug rehab will help you with your dependence on these medications. Windward Way Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center has firmly established the premier center for rehabilitation from addiction to drugs. What’s more—we custom-fit it for you and attune an individualized plan of action. We’re here now to answer your questions: 855-491-7694.

In all honesty, our greatest endorsement we’re doing things the right way is our client feedback. Time and again, we hear that our rehabilitation treatment program for addiction to drugs has given our past clients “a reason to get up and face the day with purpose” and prepares them “to meet the daily challenges life just seems to give.”

Don’t fall victim as one of the millions of Americans every year who don’t receive the treatment they deserve. The addiction treatment program we use has helped thousands of young adults. You too can break away from the slavery of addiction to drugs and find real lasting freedom. Don’t hesitate to discover the real freedom our totally unique program can offer: 855-491-7694.

Your Next Step

Whether you’re seeking an drug treatment for your son, nephew, husband, or yourself, you will discover that our admissions professionals are not just well informed with the varied addiction types that exist, we also offer perspective about the recovery process itself—we want you to know that the hope for a new life is real. Our admissions process will determine what steps are necessary to help you realize a life without the yoke of drugs around your neck. No more days calling up a dealer or ending up in jail. We’re available 24 hours a day to assist you at a moment’s notice: 855-491-7694.