Detox Center for Addiction Recovery

Detox at Windward Way

The unique advantage of Windward Way’s inpatient detox center is that you will receive round-the-clock supervision from our doctors and clinicians. We want you to feel confident that we take your health seriously and keep your personal information private and safe.

Coming off most drugs and alcohol has the potential to not only be uncomfortable—after all, that’s why they’re addictive—it can in some cases also be life threatening. You should never detox alone. We not only help young men and women regain their lives with our dually-accredited addiction treatment program, but we also make sure that your detox from addiction is dealt with in a professional way, while managed for the serious medical condition addiction is.

Windward Way’s medically supervised detox is the way to go. We firmly believe that each person is unique—your alcohol or drug detox should be as well. You can expect to keep your dignity unscathed while you stay in our comfortable detox facility in southern California. Since Windward Way’s drug rehab and also our alcohol rehab deal directly with helping you learn to live a life without addictive chemicals, after detox you will transition into the residential phase of your stay with us. We’ll pass on the skills you need to hold a job, live with your family, and most of all, to live the life you’re capable of living without drugs or alcohol!

If you or another young man you know needs help, we’ll help you find the path to a lasting recovery: (855) 491-7694.

Detoxification the Windward Way—Smoothing the Transition to a New Life

With Windward Way, you don’t have to go through detox and recovery alone or with risk to yourself. The reality is that every drug acts differently in people and every young man withdraws from drugs or alcohol with their own potential complications. The staff at Windward Way has the expertise to deal with all types of addiction to personalize the detox you need to move forward with recovery.

At Windward Way, we realize that addiction is a complex condition to address on many fronts with our uniquely structured, systematic method for recovery. That’s why our intake experts will first evaluate which course of action to take at our addiction detox center, not only to craft a plan of action just for you, but also begin to address any co-occurring disorders such as depression, ADHD, or anxiety.

The facts speak for themselves—Windward Way has worked for thousands of young men and women helping them achieve the goals they’ve always dreamed of. Call us now for detox and to see how our addiction treatment program can work for you: (855) 491-7694.

Detox Centers for Addiction: How It Works and What Does It Entail

Alcohol and drug abuse is a stringent issue in the US. According to a 2014 study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about 22.5 million Americans aged 12 and higher needed treatment for illicit drug or alcohol abuse.

The path to recovery is long and arduous, requiring commitment, focus, and the love and support of those around you. Accepting that you need specialized help and enrolling in a detoxification (detox) center are usually the first and hardest steps towards rehabilitation. Only under the constant supervision of trained professionals can you ease your withdrawal symptoms and get the physical and psychological support desperately needed to escape the affliction of addiction.

What Is a Detox Center?

Simply put, a detox center is a facility that enables substance users to start the recovery process as safely and comfortably as possible. The medical staff personalizes treatment according to the addict’s needs, trying to identify the best therapies and practices that might generate a positive response on their part.

Keep in mind that detox programs are not created equally and depend on the severity of the addiction. For mild cases, regular meetings with a professional may help the person overcome withdrawal symptoms and regain their old life, but if the addiction is severe, patients may need to be fully monitored to make any advancements.

Based on the severity of the addiction, you can choose from two types of detox centers:

Outpatient Detox Centers:

In outpatient detox facilities, patients receive treatment during the day, but they can return home for the night. These types of centers are ideal for people with milder or new addictions, for those who have a good support network, or who don’t have additional medical issues.

Inpatient Detox Centers:

These types of facilities provide full-time supervision and are recommended for severe addictions or people with associated illnesses. Typically, inpatient detox centers keep patients for a set number of days, depending on the severity of the problem and the requirements of the program.

What Does the Intake Process Entail?

The first step after checking into a detox center is the intake assessment, which is a conversation with the intake manager about your situation, your needs, and various logistical issues. That is also the moment when you have to fill in a series of forms to provide the necessary information for the medical staff to devise a treatment.

It’s crucial that you fill in these forms responsibly, transparently and honestly if you want to enjoy the benefits of a detox program fully. Details are vital, not only to avoid health risks, complications, or improper prescriptions, but also to help your physicians and therapists understand how to approach your medical care. If you are addicted to more than one substance or are under treatment for a mental illness, you need to share this with your physician. That way they can take all the factors into account and prescribe the best treatment for your needs.

Will I Be Prescribed Treatment Medications?

Based on the intake assessment and depending on how severe the addictions are, you may need to receive medication to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

Here are some of the pharmaceuticals used to manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse, and better control recurring problems:

  • Benzodiazepines and Antidepressants – They are used for alcohol abuse to mitigate symptoms such as nausea, headaches, insomnia, convulsions, or delirium tremens.
  • Opioid Agonists – These substances produce milder opioid effects and have a ceiling above which their results won’t rise no matter how much you take.
  • Opioid Antagonists – They block the opioid receptors in the brain and make your body reject any form of opioid. The patient cannot reach the euphoric state given by the drug. Thus their desire to take it decreases dramatically.

Are Detox Facilities Safe?

Detox facilities are the most reliable environment for an addict, especially if the patient requires medical treatment. These centers are held to the highest standards of professionalism and have to meet very specific requirement to be able to function. Licensure is mandatory if the facility provides at least one of the following services at its location:

  • Detoxification
  • Group, individual, or educational sessions
  • Alcoholism, or drug recovery
  • Treatment planning.

Local or county taxes, permits, clearances, or compliance rules may be in force for each location.

What Can Medical Detox Centers Do That Other Programs Cannot?

A medical detox facility has trained staff, nurses, and doctors who can prescribe the most suitable treatment for each patient. The length of the detox program also varies depending on the addiction, the patient’s medical history, and countless other factors.

After finishing the detox program, patients may choose a more extended outpatient rehab program to help them conquer their addiction completely.

Another benefit of detox centers is that they have the means to assess the severity of your problem and can refer you to support groups if your problem is more complicated than initially thought.

Getting Help

At Windward Way Recovery, you don’t have to go through the complex and often frightening rehabilitation process alone. We have the expertise to deal with any type of addiction and create a personalized program that fits your unique needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.