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Detox Center for Addiction Recovery

Why “Detox” at Windward Way?

The unique advantage of Windward Way’s inpatient detox center is that you will receive round the clock supervision from our doctors, clinicians and personal assistants. We want you to feel confident that we take your health seriously and keep your personal information private and safe.

Coming off most drugs and alcohol has the potential not only be uncomfortable—after all, that’s why they’re addictive—it can in some cases also be life threatening. You should never detox alone. We not only help young men regain their lives with our dually-accredited addiction treatment program, but we also make sure that your detox from addiction is dealt with in a professional way, while managed for the serious medical condition addiction is.

Windward Way’s medically supervised detox is the way to go. We firmly believe that each person is unique—your alcohol or drug detox should be as well. You can expect to keep your dignity unscathed while you stay in our comfortable detox facility in southern California. Since Windward Way’s drug rehab and also our alcohol rehab deal directly with helping you learn to live a life without addictive chemicals, after detox you will transition

into the residential phase of your stay with us. We’ll pass on the skills you need to hold a job, live with your family, and most of all . . . to live the life you’re capable of living without drugs or alcohol!

If you or another young man you know needs help, we’ll help you find the path to a lasting recovery: (844) 252-5930.

Detoxification the Windward Way—Smoothing the Transition to a New Life

With Windward Way, you don’t have to go through detox and recovery alone or with risk to yourself. The reality is that every drug acts differently in people and every young man withdraws from drugs or alcohol with their own potential complications. The staff at Windward Way has the expertise to deal with all types of addiction to personalize the detox you need to move forward with recovery.

At Windward Way, we realize that addiction is a complex condition to address on many fronts with our uniquely structured, systematic method for recovery. That’s why our intake experts will first evaluate which course of action to take at our addiction detox center, not only to craft a plan of action just for you, but also begin to address any co-occurring disorders such as depression, ADHD, or anxiety.

The facts speak for themselves—Windward Way has worked for thousands of young men helping them achieve the goals they’ve always dreamed of. Call us now for detox and to see how our addiction treatment program can work for you: (844) 252-5930.