First Steps at Windward Way Recovery

Inpatient Medically Supervised Detox

Your first step to regaining your health and recover your life at Windward Way begins with an assessment to determine how our medically supervised detox will proceed. Since many addiction types require a different regimen for treatment, you may rest easy that you will receive only kindness and compassionate care as you detoxify your body from drugs and/or alcohol.

Windward Way employs the highest standards for an alcohol and drug detox to ensure a safe and appropriate transition to the next phase of your alcohol and drug rehab. You see, we’ve developed our entire continuum of care specifically to reach men aged 18 to 45.

Since we know how difficult the process can be to find lasting recovery, we want to give you the absolute best chance at finding success. Windward Way’s experts can craft these first steps to gently allow your body to heal before you enter our core treatment program.

Do yourself a favor—take a moment to reach out and speak with our intake pros. You’re about to recover your life in a big way—the Windward Way. (844) 252-5930.