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Welcome to Windward Way Recovery

We help men and women overcome addiction by providing community, connection, and purpose.

Men’s & Women's Programs, Inpatient Accredited Rehab Center

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At Windward Way, we’re in the business of providing quality healthcare for anyone struggling with addiction. We achieve this goal by blending an innovative and totally unique approach to addiction treatment with the tried-and-true methods.

Windward Way has established a superior addiction treatment program for men and women unlike any other. We provide our clients with a sense of investment, ownership, planned structure, adventure, and empowerment to achieve the goal of long-term recovery for themselves. What’s more, our dual accreditation assures professionals they can feel confident referring their own clients to us.

Review of our Addiction Treatment

At our location in sunny southern California, Windward Way avails the men and women we treat with resources other rehabs only dream about. A point we’re quick to add is that it’s not just our setting that gives us the edge over other more generic programs. Honestly, our greatest resource is our top-notch and committed professional staff.

With our staff and clinicians as partners and professional guides for our clients, Windward Way sets itself apart from the rest by embracing the knowledge that every client entering our program is unique and deserves a customized plan for addiction treatment from the top down. Call our intake experts now and let us design a plan for someone you care about: 855-491-7694.

How We Make a Difference for the Men & Women We Help

Windward Way treats not just the addictions men and women are struggling with, but also embraces a holistic approach to addiction medicine, addressing the multitude of symptoms and diagnoses that contribute to the substance use disorder. Every plan will begin with a personalized detox center that is fully certified and clinically supervised.

When each client makes the transition into the core of our residential inpatient treatment program, we will teach them the skills they need to live successfully in long-term recovery. Using individual clinical benchmarking through accountability, measurable progress, and tiered, step-down clinical services, we show how fruitful a new life in recovery can be.

Windward Way as a leading inpatient addiction treatment center for men and women can address:

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Windward Way’s Drug Rehab Center is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Every client we help at Windward Way Recovery will receive an individualized assessment and treatment program for drug addiction. Psychiatrists, attending clinicians, counselors, therapists, and staff—all experts in substance abuse and addiction treatment— will review the client’s entire history to establish the most effective drug rehab center and program for recovery possible. Learn more about our drug addiction treatment rehab.

Or call our intake counselors to let us know what you’re going through. We guarantee you’ll receive empathy and professionalism as we design a treatment plan for drug addiction.

Let Windward Way Develop a Fully Customized Alcohol Rehab Plan

Since Windward Way accomplishes the miracle of change by creating safety and trust from the very first point of contact, you can rest assured that we will give the utmost attention to detail for the person you’re concerned for. In fact, we shape every component of our inpatient residential treatment program for men and women over 18 with intention; we want to stop an addiction to alcohol in its tracks. Learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment rehab.

Reach out, don’t wait. We know that the adventure of recovery is waiting for you or for someone you care about. Our team of professional are waiting to guide you every step of the way.