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Family Program at Windward Way Recovery

One of our primary goals with family therapy at Windward Way is to educate about the disease of addiction and provide everyone with ways to effectively communicate with their loved one.

We know that as soon as clients return to their setting they came from, an effective family therapy in addiction treatment will need to give everyone the tools to engage each other in a healthy manner. Our aim is to provide the foremost family related addiction treatment to reach long-term outcomes.

We know your interests lie in a sustained long-term recovery for your child, spouse or loved one—you’ve already made huge strides by reaching out to our treatment center in the first place. Call us now at 855-491-7694. We can show you how our addiction treatment program doesn’t leave the family behind but welcomes them in.

Our intensive family program can include (after clinical approval):

  • Visitation opportunities 
  • Family program workshops
  • Weekly phone updates for family members
  • Weekly family therapy sessions, via phone, Skype or in person (phone or skype therapy sessions are only available to residents of California due to state licensing laws)

Windward Way has been granted full access to workshops designed by Dr. Kenneth Perlmutter, Founder of the Family Recovery Institute and family systems psychologist with nearly 30 years of experience. In these workshops, we actively lead sessions alongside families experiencing the stress and uncertainty of having a member in treatment.

Our family care specialists are pros you can trust when it comes to marriage and family therapy. We have designed our family-based addiction rehab for clients who are receiving treatment at any level of care within our programs. We strongly encourage and welcome parents (married or divorced), spouses, siblings 12 or older, and grandparents to attend. The workshop will be tailored to meet the needs of the specific group in attendance.

Together, we will create an intimate, carefully contained and sacred workspace to address family issues that relate directly to a client’s lack of insight into his addictive behavior. The first two days focus on family members’ experience and needs. The client member attends on day three.

We invite you to discuss with the clinical team the options for visiting with your loved one while you’re in the area. Depending on the clinical assessment, passes will be planned to support spending time together.

In addition, many families will be scheduled to meet in an individual family session with your loved one and some members of her team. Call us now to explore how we can develop a recovery for you or for some you love: 855-491-7694.