Ian “The Hurricane” Heinisch Shares Testimonial with Windward Way Clients

Ian Heinisch is a one of a kind man. Although his story of addiction, incarceration, and dark life events may be a story that many can identify with, what he’s doing with his recovery is uniquely inspirational.

Stopping by Windward Way earlier this month, the currently ranked #16th world UFC fighter shared his testimonial with the men and women of Windward Way. Check out the video below that shares his story about how we first started abusing substances, how he found himself in both international and local prisons (Prisons in Spain and Riker’s Island prison being the most intense, and where “The Hurricane” honed in on some intense fighting and boxing skills).

Sharing his story of when he realized he needed to find sobriety, Heinisch speaks about his time in solitary confinement in a Spanish Prison. “I was going crazy. So I said ‘God if you’re real, show me some peace right now’ and the only thing in there with me was a Spanish Bible and I started reading Spanish and the scripture made sense to me and I could feel the holy spirit washing over me. It all made sense to me and I broke out in tears.”

Heinisch now spends his time training and fighting for UFC, while making sure to keep time to share his testimonial with others to help them find their recovery. He knows that his recovery is something that needs daily, sometimes hourly, attention. He has a combination of efforts that help keep his recovery on track. Training MMA, daily exercise, yoga, church, group therapy through a church, a strong support system are all things that work for Heinisch, and that he recommends to others who find themselves struggling with addiction.

“My biggest recommendation to anyone that is dealing with addiction is to get yourself out of your current situation,” says Heinisch. “Going to rehab is a fresh start. This is a new community of people who understand you and encourage you to leave the path of addiction. Going to rehab is so powerful because you’re admitting you have a problem and facing it.”

Windward Way’s recovery community is a great example of strong support with others that know what you’re going through. Check out some of the photos of us having a good time, sober & recovered! There’s no better way to experience all life has to offer than with clear eyes and a light soul.

“There are so many different things that can work for people, no one is the same,” says Heinisch. “You have to trial and error so many different things in order to find what works for YOU. Starting off, if you or a loved one are facing addiction and need help or information, call Windward Way Recovery at (855) 430-9426.”

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