[INFOGRAPHIC] This Eye-Opening Chart Illustrates The Opioid Epidemic In Orange County

The opioid epidemic is no stranger when it comes to rattling communities across America. Painkillers like hydrocodone, oxycodone, and fentanyl prescribed by doctors nationwide have risen over the years.

Given this fact, Orange County, California is a region front and center to the opioid overdose epidemic that stems from this phenomenon affecting a multitude of families.

The truth is anyone can be prone to opioid addiction. Addiction respects no one; it does not discriminate. Social status, ethnicity, gender, age are treated equally as potential victims to a substance abuse disorder.

We garnered some eye-opening facts on opioids presented by Dr. Bharath Chakravarthy, a UC Irvine Health associate professor of clinical emergency medicine and public health in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Here’s an overview of how opioids affect communities in Orange County by the numbers:

Opioids in Orange County by the Numbers

Opioids in Orange County by the Numbers

Share the news of how this epidemic is affecting our community. The more we bring awareness to opioid use effects, the better chance we have at educating people to take extreme caution in the scenario one is prescribed opioids.


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