Jordan Peterson finishes “lengthy” treatment for addiction

When people think about addictive prescriptions, they often think about opioids like OxyContin.  We don’t often hear about other prescription drugs, which are just as addictive and can be just as deadly.  One such class of prescription drugs is Benzodiazepines, which treat conditions such as anxiety and seizures. Benzo drugs include various substances that we consider “tranquilizers” such as Xanax, Clonazepam, and Valium, and they can be just as dangerous as illicit drugs. If you are using these drugs in a way that your doctor has not prescribed, seek help at a drug rehab center as soon as possible.

Many people are prescribed controlled substances from their doctors, and no one is immune to developing a physical dependency. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian YouTube philosopher and professor of psychology who recently spoke out about his 18-month journey towards recovery from prescription drug abuse, is one such person. He began taking Benzos without a second thought at the age of 58 in 2016. People do not usually consider prescription drugs to be dangerous, so he didn’t think about the risks, which he now says was a mistake.

In 2019, he attempted to stop using Clonazepam. After experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, he suffered from serious health problems, including neurological damage. At that point, his daughter Mikhaila Peterson explained, he was hospitalized. Jordan Peterson’s search for the addiction treatment he needed to restore his health took him to hospitals worldwide, including the US, Russia, and Serbia.

In his video detailing his experience with a substance use disorder, Jordan explained that his addiction was a period of hopelessness and one of the lowest points of his life. With the support of his daughter, Mikhaila, and his other family members, he has overcome his drug addiction and recovered his sense of purpose and hope for the future. Now, he hopes that he will continue providing meaningful content to his audience on YouTube and continue to recover his health.

Jordan Peterson is living proof that recovery from a substance use disorder, even one that began with prescribed benzodiazepines, is possible. The journey may be long, but his story shows that you can find hope for the future and start to recover your physical, mental, and neurological health. Seeking addiction treatment is worth it. If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, don’t wait. Drug rehab can take you from the darkest point of your life to a worth living. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can return to a life of meaningful connections and contributions to the world.

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