Windward Way Employee Heartbeat | Corey Russell

Windward Way Recovery is only as good as it’s staff. In order to get closer to the people you or your loved ones could potentially be spending a great deal of time with, we’re putting the spotlight on our team to show their passions in recovery and discover their personalities.

Corey Russell is a key player at Windward Way Recovery, constantly challenging the team and the patients to be their best selves. He’s a caring, loving, and patient man that we had the pleasure to hear from.

“I am an OCPAM coordinator and Treatment Tech.”

An OCPAM (Orange County Psychiatric and Addiction Medicine) Coordinator deals directly with our staff psychiatrists and as a treatment technician, Corey is on the front lines of recovery with our patients every day.

“I wake up the clients everyday, hold morning meditation, teach them life skills, help them create a healthy routine and communicate with all departments. Once we’re at clinical i make sure each client see’s the Psychiatrist on a weekly basis.”

Corey is deeply embedded in the culture and continues to be one of the propellers that keeps Windward Way Recovery moving forward in our mission to restore life to those in need.

Corey Russell isn’t an all work kind of guy and he explained to us a little bit about his work/life balance.

“Right now i have a family of three with another one on the way. My time off usually consists of my son’s sports, spending quality time with my family, going to the gym and meeting up with my sponsorship family.”

As a family man, Corey really has a grip on what it means to create a loving environment, which helps keep our house close and caring.

As a man on the path of recovery himself, Corey is insightful and always willing to share his wisdom. When we asked Corey about advice he’d give to someone new to recovery he said,

“It’s simple to stay sober. It’s not easy but it’s definitely simple. There’s a book that gives you clear cut directions on how to stay sober. Get a sponsor and listen to his/her suggestions. They know something that you don’t.”

In the time that Corey has been a part of the Windward Way Recovery family, he has garnered a unique point of view and experienced a lot. He talked a little about his most rewarding moments here and said.

“Seeing the company grow into what it is now. I’ve been here for 2.5 years and it’s extremely rewarding when you see someone come through our program and stay sober. Some of our staff are Alumni of Windward Way.”

As the year comes to a close, Corey looks back and talked about his biggest areas of progression and achievements in 2017.

“My progression as a man, father and as an employee. Also, it’s always a huge achievement staying sober.”

Looking to the future, Corey has set some goals to strive for.

“To stay sober, to continue to grow as a person and to move up within the company. My goal is to be a better version of myself in every way possible.”

Goals are important, but perseverance and continued effort is often more important than the goal itself. Corey’s words to those struggling to attain their goals were,

“To stay sober, keep moving forward and to never give up on yourself. You deserve to succeed.”

Corey Russell continues to impress us year after year and we are so happy to have him with us as we all march onward at Windward Way Recovery. He is a ray of positivity that keeps us, our patients, and himself motivated. It’s his clear thinking that puts his patients at ease.

This is the time of year to chart new courses, continue with plans, and most importantly, have faith. Have faith in yourself and that you are capable of getting what you deserve. 2018 is the future and the future is a blank canvas. Make of it what you want.

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