What to Look for in a Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Cocaine is a highly addictive, illegal substance. It is the most trafficked drug in the world. In the United States alone, hospital emergency rooms report cocaine use as the most frequently cited drug involved in medical emergencies and overdoses.

Signs of Cocaine Withdrawal:

Lethargy and exhaustion
Increased appetite
Poor concentration

Entering Cocaine Rehab

Upon admittance to a residential facility, the first step to undergo is an initial screening or evaluation. The severity of the addiction is assessed so a therapeutic alliance between staff, the patient, and the patient’s family can be formed. The patient’s medical history and personal information are gathered in order to create the best recovery plan for their specific needs and history. At this point, comprehensive, highly-individualized treatment plans are formed, and the alliance between the patient, rehabilitation center staff and family is cemented.

How long is the treatment?

Ongoing treatment for cocaine addiction is recommended for an outcome of lifelong recovery. The length of treatment is specific to the needs of the individual. Typically, a 3-month stay in a comfortable and supportive in-patient treatment center is needed, and then an additional six months of outpatient treatment or supportive care is recommended.

Detoxing from Cocaine: the first step

Medical and pharmacological treatment is often needed during the detoxification and withdrawal process. At a rehabilitation facility, patients are given legal, prescribed medication to help manage unpleasant and sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

How important is aftercare?

Alumni or aftercare programs are proven to be effective in the ongoing maintenance plan following the initial recovery from drug addiction.

Rehabilitation centers are not only used to keep the patient safe during the potentially dangerous withdrawal phase, but they are also used to heal the individual on an emotional, therapeutic level. Individuals must also be re-socialized after the ravages of drug abuse and addiction.

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