10 Reasons to Be Thankful For Your Sobriety This Year

The path of sobriety can be a long, arduous journey filled with second guesses, sleepless nights, and unexpected life changes. It is likely that there will not be a day that goes by that you are not grateful for your achievement. Though if you find yourself new to the sober world, or are on your own path to becoming sober and are wondering what there is to be thankful for, here is a list of 10 reasons.

1- Good Mornings – Long gone are those brutal mornings where you are plagued with a hangover, nervous to check your phone to see who you reached out to and what you said. Now, you will find yourself loving mornings. You may catch the sunrise, or choose to sleep in. Either way, you will know how the night before ended and exactly how you will attack the day ahead – even if it is loaded with nothing but relaxation.

2- Excuse Me Officer – Before sobriety, perhaps you found yourself dreading driving for fear of encountering an on-duty police officer, even when you had not had a drink. You may be anxious and paranoid that the worst would happen. But with being sober comes a life that is anxiety free, where you do not fear the police, but rather are grateful as they protect and serve.

3- Productivity – Having a plan for your life and being able to execute it will change everything. Before being sober, substances may have dictated your days and what really matters took a back seat. Now you can take strides to better who you are by being super productive.

4- Looking Good! – When you are suffering from a substance issue, you don’t look your best. With being sober comes the complete opposite. Being sober allows you to get a full night’s rest, restoring your body and mind. Your skin clears up. Your teeth are healthier. And most importantly, you feel better, which boosts your confidence. A sober life is a good-looking life.

5- Sober Buddies – Distancing yourself from those who may frequently visit a bar and finding a group of sober buddies can be life changing. Sober friends tend to have goals, and aim to live life to the fullest.   You can make plans with them for early in the morning, knowing that they are go-getters. Sober buddies can be fun and full of life, all while understanding the life you are coming from.

6- Family – You may not appreciate just how precious your family is until you are sober. Odds are this special group of people has been with you since the beginning and will really support you as you move further into sobriety. Be grateful for those family members you have in your life. And if your family is not local or it feels a little light, there is no shame in considering your closest friends as family. Most of the time they behave the same.

7- Growing Bank Account – You may not have realized just how much money you would spend when you are blowing through it on a fix. While being sober, not only will you feel better, but your bank account will begin to grow. If you decide to splurge on something for yourself, it can be a well thought out gift, as opposed to a late night expense you did not remember until you checked your bank statement later in the week. Be grateful for the green that is piling up in your bank account.

8- The Little Things – It is something you may never think about, but being sober, you suddenly pay attention to the little things in life. Taking an afternoon walk and noticing your neighbor’s flowers, or how beautiful a sun looks as it sets, the feeling of the cool fall air as it blows across your face, or the sound of birds chirping early in the morning. It is these little details in life that get lost in a world of substance abuse. Be thankful you are aware enough to appreciate them now.

9- I Can Help – Before sobriety, it is likely that you were not much help to those in your life. You were the one who needed the assistance. No one would come to you for anything because you were not reliable, and you probably did not even know it. Now, not only will people come to you when they need a helping hand or advice, but you will be thrilled to give it. Being able to be there for someone who was there for you when you needed it most is something you can definitely be thankful for.

10- You Did It! – Just getting sober is a massive accomplishment. Be thankful for your sobriety and be proud of yourself for obtaining it. Your life is on the up and up and there is no turning back. Enjoy your days ahead–every single minute. Laugh. Live. Love. Have no regrets. What matters is where you are now and how you live moving forward. You did it! Be thankful for it.


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