Amphetamines Detox

Amphetamines Detox Center at Windward Way

Windward Way has fashioned a “curriculum of care” for every man who has come into our rehab center for amphetamines addiction. We endeavor to create a custom, prescription drug detox experience to establish a new direction for your life—one you’ve been looking for but haven’t yet found. Since Windward Way’s addiction treatment program has assisted thousands of people just like you, we know our medically supervised amphetamines detox can be the new start you’ve been seeking.

Men and women become addicted to amphetamines every day. What isn’t as widely advertised is that these same people find long-term recovery. Windward Way provides an amphetamines detox because withdrawing from these drugs is no easy task. Our experts will give you the care you need to deal with many of the addiction types that often come along with an addiction to amphetamines. We want to show you how we can help: (855) 491-7694.

Amphetamines are a class of medication prescribed mostly for ADHD. People often soon find themselves tempted to abuse these drugs and then discover they cannot stop. Detoxing from them is the first step to recovery.

Our Amphetamines addiction rehab is the solution you’ve been looking for your son, your husband, your friend . . . even for you. We’ll help you to answer all the questions you may have about which insurance we accept. Our intake pros will determine if a prescription drug detox is right for your unique set of circumstances

Don’t wait to get the answers you want—we know it sometimes seems like a maze of options to choose from. We’re up to the task to assist you. You can begin the process for entrance into our inpatient detox for amphetamines right now by calling: (855) 491-7694.