Ambien® Detox Center at Windward Way

The men who pass through our doors at Windward Way often praise the personal care we strive for with our inpatient detox for Ambien®. Don’t let the term “inpatient” scare you away—although the medically supervised staff at our Ambien detox center considers withdrawal from drugs like Ambien a serious medical condition, our facility is anything but the hospital setting you might expect. Instead, we have intentionally shaped every inch of our addiction treatment program to serve as your “hope away from home.”

In fact, Windward Way has just the rehab center that men are seeking when they discover they are addicted to Ambien. Our intake professionals will answer the questions you have and determine whether our prescription drug detox is fitting for your unique situation. You don’t have to suffer any longer; challenge yourself to call us now and we guarantee we’ll give you the attention and professional care you deserve: (844) 252-5930.

Ambien (Zolpidem) has recently become the prescription medication most doctors prescribe for short-term insomnia. The drug is also habit-forming; abrupt discontinuation often precipitates an uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal. Since Windward Way’s Ambien addiction rehab first begins with gently detoxifying your body from this drug, the passage into the next phase of your program for recovery will be much smoother

Often accompanying an Ambien addiction are other addiction types, all with which our experts are readily familiar. You may be afraid to embrace this new step alone. Not to worry—we will stand beside you as you restore your true identity as a man in long-term recovery. (844) 252-5930.