Vicodin Detox

Vicodin® Detox Center at Windward Way

Opioid painkillers seem to be everywhere nowadays. This much is clear: Vicodin® is a prescription medication with a high risk of addiction. The men and women who enter our clinical program know how extremely difficult this opioid-based medication can be to give up.

Windward Way has the answer for you’ve been looking for. Our program of addiction treatment has a unique solution for your problem. Unlike some fly-by-night “rehabs,” our medically supervised Vicodin detox will give you the assurance that you’ll be kept both safe and comfortable. Since we have created our inpatient detox for Vicodin to be clinically managed 24/7, it’s no wonder why we have dual accreditation. We’re simply the best a young man can have within a detox facility for Vicodin.

The first step is to assess how our detox plan of action can help with your particular issues. We’re just a click or a call away to getting you off this drug. Call now: (855) 491-7694.

Since the active chemical in Vicodin (hydrocodone) is so incredibly habit-forming, the withdrawals from coming off this prescription medication can be quite unsettling. At Windward Way’s prescription drug detox, our clinically certified experts and personal assistants will determine whether to prescribe supplement medications to diminish these symptoms.

The dedicated people at Windward Way know about addiction. But one point we love to tell others: we know recovery even better. Our goal is to help men and women rediscover their passion for life. We take the time to pass on the structure and accountability people need to recover from a severe addiction to Vicodin.

We know that our unique Vicodin Addiction Rehab can be just the thing you need to establish a purpose and meaning for your life. Past graduates were glad to discover at Windward Way that they were totally worth saving from this potentially deadly drug. So are you! We want to be your partner in this new and exciting adventure of recovery. Give yourself the change you deserve: (855) 491-7694.