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Rehab for MDMA (Ecstasy) Addiction at Windward Way Treatment Center

Windward Way: Delivering Hope to Young Men Addicted to Ecstasy

MDMA is otherwise known as “molly” or ecstasy. It’s popular especially in clubs, house parties, and raves. The drug MDMA basically “squeezes” a user’s receptors for pleasure until there is no more. This is due to—there’s no easy way to put it—brain damage.

This is often why ravers report on the following days of “brain fog” or “suicide Tuesdays” after abusing this drug. Thousands of young men know from personal experience how ecstasy has robbed them of hope. However, a rehab for ecstasy can be a new beginning.

With Windward Way, there is a solution and the hope for a future without ecstasy is real! Our experts will only be happy to craft an substance abuse rehab custom fit for your addiction to MDMA. The experts at Windward Way’s MDMA addiction rehab have the knowledge and tools to help you fight your dependency to this drug into submission. Call us now to see how our treatment for MDMA can lead the campaign to stamp out your addiction, once and for all: 855-491-7694.

MDMA: An Illegal and Addictive Substance We Effectively Treat

Since MDMA is an illegal drug, the full ingredient list for the street supply is simply impossible to know. Often, amphetamines, meth, or even caffeine are added to the mix of “ecstasy”. This can complicate the detox process, but our well-trained staff will deal with each person’s needs with skill and medical backing. Since long-time molly users can become depressed to the point of feeling suicidal, Windward Way’s clinically supervised MDMA detox can ease the transition off of it, offering the care you need.

Our highly praised addiction treatment program will address head on your craving for ecstasy and replace it with a healthy structure—custom-made, just for you. In fact, the staff at Windward Way is exceeding proud of our talent and know-how: we create a totally individualized treatment plan to fit your situation.

The process for admission can get you started right this moment—we’re available 24/7 to listen to your needs—you don’t have to begin this process alone. Pick up the phone and let us describe how we can put together the perfect plan to find a new life, away from the drug MDMA. Your call will prove how courageous you really are to make the first step. Believe us—we salute you! 855-491-7694.