Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy at Windward Way Program of Addiction Treatment

We frequently see people with trauma self-medicate by abusing alcohol or drugs to alleviate the symptoms of stress the past experiences cause them. Windward Way often employs trauma therapy with our clients struggling with PTSD or past traumatic experiences. Our counselors and therapists may use innovative addiction treatment methods like EMDR or a more traditional addiction treatment approach (like the Twelve Steps) to alleviate the chronic state of anxiety that veterans or other survivors of trauma frequently experience.

The professional counseling staff at Windward Way routinely uses trauma therapy within a holistic substance abuse treatment program to confront the problem at its roots. It’s only one of many tools we have for addiction treatment to use within our highly praised drug and alcohol programs of rehabilitation.

This much is clear: trauma doesn’t have to rule your life. You don’t have to keep using chemicals to dull the continual pain. Our addiction treatment program can help you recover and make it last—one day at a time—until you have years under your belt. Many of our graduates have had just such success.

Call us now and get the info you need to begin anew again. We know how hard addiction can be. You deserve to regain your life, the Windward Way.  (855) 491-7694.