Twelve Step Treatment Program at Windward Way Recovery

Windward Way actively uses and proudly claims the 12-Step method within our programming. In fact, the rich heritage of the Twelve Steps of recovery serves as the strong foundation upon which we build the superstructure of our addiction treatment program. In fact, out of all the tools for recovery we employ at Windward Way, none of them influences the rest of our treatment modalities more than the Twelve Step method.

From detox to our residential core program, throughout intensive outpatient and recovery support, we encourage our clients to take advantage of everything the 12-Steps has to offer. Clients within our alcohol rehab may focus on readings from the core literature from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). While men attending our drug rehab will explore the wisdom of Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Both texts may be used interchangeably throughout the time of your stay. Our clients actively attend outside meetings in the course of our treatment process.

Why set the 12-Steps as the cornerstone of our substance abuse rehab center?

The simple answer: community. Our alumni have a built-in, extended community beyond our doors. They continue to develop their spiritual center, continue to pursue meaning and purpose for their lives, and they can reach out in service to help other alcoholics or addicts only beginning to start their own journeys. Above these points, no matter what types of addictions that afflict a person, rest assured a 12-Step fellowship exists in your locale to provide mutual support and solidarity beyond intensive treatment.

Our committed staff knows a vital, sustainable recovery from addiction requires the ability to pursue a passion. Every single person you meet at Windward Way radiates passion for recovery. If we had to name only one thing that defines us most, it would be this passion. You’ll see. Give us a call and we can pass this gift along to you, or a man you care about, as well. (844) 252-5930.