EMDR Therapy at Windward Way Program of Addiction Treatment

For more than a decade, EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) has been used with men struggling with PTSD or trauma. Often, men self-soothe by abusing drugs or alcohol to ease the pain they relive, again and again. The therapists at Windward Way often use this technique together with other traditional addiction treatment methods such as individualized psychotherapy to alleviate the symptoms a chronic state of panic can generate in veterans or survivors of trauma.

Since EMDR has shown itself to be as effective as it is, our professional counseling staff frequently employs this within a holistic substance abuse treatment program. It’s only one of many innovative methods for addiction treatment we use within our drug and alcohol programs of rehabilitation.

In the simplest of terms, the technique works by allowing the EMDR therapist to name the specific problem and symptoms—such as nightmares, anger, or irritability. With this information, a treatment plan can be developed that defines how best to use EMDR. This therapy can help a person replace memories of the trauma with positive mental images.

Trauma does not have to win the day. You don’t have to keep using drugs or alcohol to dull the ongoing agony you’re experiencing. The addiction program at Windward Way can help. Call us now and receive the information and empathy you’re looking for. We know how hard it can be. You deserve to regain your life the way you used to be before your addiction came along. (844) 252-5930.