Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way Recovery

Some people can easily get apprehensive when you mention the word spiritualWith as many belief systems that exist in the world, it’s to be expected that some might shy away from any program for addiction treatment that even mentions spirituality. At Windward Way, our counselors in our addiction treatment allow you to set the stage for the discussion and develop the spirituality in a way you’re comfortable with.

Since we use both traditional and so many innovative addiction treatment methods as part and process of our greater philosophy of addiction treatment, it only stands to reason that we want to help people rediscover the core which makes them thrive in life. You see, we believe that addiction is not just a physical ailment affecting the body, but also an illness that affects the mind and the “human spirit.” Our spiritual mentors and gurus can guide you along the path we can help you discover.

Spiritual counseling is something we may incorporate both within group and individual therapy to allow our clients to explore just what is important to them in life. Finding purpose and meaning is so important in a drug or alcohol rehab program, because we believe that it’s not just the drugs and alcohol that have caused the problems, but the fundamental reasons behind why a man chose to use them in the first place. In fact, the big question “why are we here” forms the basis of our holistic substance abuse treatment program—we strive to cover all the bases we possibly can to help you rediscover yourself.

Don’t wait until it all gets worse. (It usually always does.) Addiction is a manageable condition, but only if you receive the treatment you need. Windward Way is standing by, ready to become a partner in your new life in recovery. Just call (855) 491-7694.