Addiction Treatment Group Therapy

Windward Way’s caring and compassionate staff know about addiction, but we know recovery even better. What’s more, we’re savvy to the commitment long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs requires.

That’s exactly why in our rehab group therapy is available. Only men who know how difficult a drug or alcohol addiction is to overcome can fully understand and empathize with each other. Windward Way’s treatment program draws on this addiction treatment modality. Our professionals serve as facilitators to ensure the time is spent productively. Call us now and we can answer any questions about our highly praised recovery strategy for young men: (844) 252-5930.

In substance abuse treatment circles, the 12 Step Program has not only a rich history but also a great track record in connecting people with their inner selves to find purpose and meaning in their lives.

At Windward Way, we use this group-centered modality of treatment along with many others to bring about lasting changes with the men we serve in both our drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs of recovery. Reach out today to find out how group therapy fits into the larger mosaic of our mission. (844) 252-5930.