Windward Way Addiction Treatment Philosophy

At Windward Way, we’ve completely redefined residential addiction treatment. Our philosophy grounds itself in the conviction that each person is unique and deserves an addiction treatment program totally customized for them. Most other substance abuse treatment centers are cookie cutter, force-fitting clients to their program—most often these fail.

The Windward Way treatment method works the other way around: we fit our program to suit each client. Let us design a program for you: (855) 491-7694.

Welcoming & Structure-Focused

We welcome our clients into a residential living arrangement that they are comfortable with. Then, we establish a new setting—a “hope-away-from-home” environment. We accomplish the miracle of change by creating safety and trust from the first point of contact.

We expose our clients to realistic, real life experiences from the safety of our clinical-managed drug- and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Using individual clinical benchmarking through accountabilitymeasurable progress, and tiered, step-down clinical services, we show through a continuum of care how fruitful a new life in recovery can be.

Through a regimen of structure and expectations we instill for every client, Windward Way leads people into a healthy and ongoing recovery experience. Our treatment center provides a supportive forum for our clients to practice their newly acquired skills for living a productive life without the need for drugs or alcohol. Discover your freedom. Call (855) 491-7694.

Engaging, Exciting, Lasting Recovery

Windward Way’s therapists and professionals have designed a continuity-of-care curriculum to engage clients to examine damaging beliefs, self-concepts, and destructive patterns of behavior present with most addiction types. And they do it all with a passion for recovery through a holistic, totally individualized program we painstakingly craft for each and every client.

What’s more, our adventure program serves as an exclusive beacon to shine the way—we show people how exciting and stimulating a life in recovery can be. The end goal of this holistic approach is to provide our clients with the tools to realize they are part of something greater to achieve lasting recovery for life. Find your part in the greater mosaic in a life of recovery. Join the brotherhood at Windward Way. Our intake counselors are standing by at (855) 491-7694.