Psychotherapy in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way Recovery

It’s easy to become bewildered looking at all of the treatment options available. Thankfully, the experts at Windward Way who work directly with clients in our addiction treatment program know the ropes around addiction. More decisively: we know recovery and what it takes to help a man find sobriety for the long term.

One crucial and foundational methodology is the traditional addiction treatment method of psychotherapy. A client’s individual therapy may include psychotherapy, tailored as part of the plan to help him regain his life as a productive member of society.

A psychotherapist can target a person’s addiction and mental health issues, as well as help him learn about his condition and discover means through which to deal with his feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Psychotherapy will always accompany other programs of holistic substance abuse treatment such as spiritual counseling or a 12-Step Program.

Men enrolled with our drug rehab may also use CBT or DBT to learn how to stay away from those people who provide them drugs or use drugs. While those men attending our alcohol rehab may discover how to deal with their triggers or urges.

Windward Way often uses psychotherapy with men aged 18-45 because we believe that anyone can change. Transformation is real and we see it all the time at Windward Way! With our help, you can rediscover yourself again, the Windward Way. In fact, our pros can begin the process with you right now, at (844) 252-5930.