Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way

It’s easy to get confused looking at the whole mosaic of treatment options available. Fortunately, our professionals and clinically supervised staff serving in our addiction treatment program know the ropes around addiction—and, more importantly, recovery.

One effective piece of the puzzle is a traditional addiction treatment method from psychotherapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT). CBT begins from the stance that people, places, or things aren’t what get us into trouble, but the thoughts we have alongside the events.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help men recognize their bad thinking processes, and replace those thoughts with alternative beliefs they can discover while working with our counseling staff. CBT that accompanies other programs of holistic substance abuse treatment such as art therapy or spiritual counseling can prove most effective at identifying the unhealthy thoughts to exchange them for healthy patterns.

Men enrolled with our drug rehab can use CBT to learn how to stay away from those people who provide them drugs or use drugs. While those attending our alcohol rehab may discover how to understand the urges compelling them to drink can be replaced with thoughts of how best to speak with their families or engage at work.

Windward Way often uses this modality in particular with men aged 18-45; because we believe that anyone has the potential to become the person they really want to be. Change is an inevitability, but growth is a choice and requires effort. With our help, you can learn life again, the Windward Way—we can help you reclaim the man you are destined to become. Our counselors can begin the process with you right now, at (844) 252-5930.