How Windward Way Provides a Treatment for Spice Use Like No Other

Many who reach out to Windward Way Treatment Center want to know whether we can successfully treat a young man addicted to “Spice,” a dangerous and unpredictable synthetic cannabinoid.

The answer is clear. Yes! We have had great success in helping people find a new life in recovery for themselves. We work hard to provide both compassion & individualized structured care to effectively address the abuse of this dangerous drug (and those like it, “K2” for one).

We use a multi-pronged approach in our Spice addiction rehab to tackle young men’s obsession with Spice and related synthetic “designer” drugs (such as “bath salts”). Windward Way will create a customized rehab program as unique as you are.

To top that off, our pros at our substance abuse rehab continually receive continuation education—we want to know how best to treat the compulsive use of Spice. We know we’ll be able to direct you to the answers you’ve been searching for. We’re here all the time, so reach out now (855) 491-7694.

Spice: An Addictive Substance We Effectively Treat

Synthetic cannabinoids like Spice require a special touch to treat effectively. Using these drugs is always a gamble—you simply don’t know how you will react to the drug.

Some Spice users have experienced drug withdrawal. Given that Windward Way’s clinically-supervised Spice detox treats every client on an individual basis, we want you to feel at ease and drug-free before you move on to the next phase of your addiction rehabilitation.

The rehab center at Windward Way continues to enjoy widespread success with our addiction treatment program to stop a dependency on Spice. You’ll be delighted how straightforward and easy our admissions process is. You or someone you care deeply about won’t have to keep living without hope for the future. The alternative to a life of constantly trying to get high isn’t as scary as you might think it is. Instead, your call to Windward Way could be just the beginning you’ve wanted for you, or for someone you care about: (855) 491-7694.