Beer Addiction

How Windward Way Deals with Addiction to Beer

Daily beer drinking is relatively common. Often, a person simply enjoys one beer to go together with grilled brats and hamburgers. However, when a person escalates to drinking a six-pack of beer in a single sitting or seeks to buy the cheapest brand (and highest alcohol content, such as malt liquor) so he or she can pound it down . . . he or she has most likely developed into a beer addict.

Beer, of course, is an alcoholic beverage. Beer addiction is an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). The first step we will assess for you or someone you know is whether our clinically supervised alcohol detox is necessary. Withdrawal from alcohol can be deadly, not to mention extremely uncomfortable. At our clinically supervised detox, we sometimes provide medications to help with this process. Rest assured, you’ll be taken care of unlike anywhere else. This will begin your recovery journey.

Windward Way treats the problem of excessive beer use as an alcohol use disorder. It’s one of the many addiction types we treat.

We invite you to call us and learn about our highly effective addiction treatment program. We will directly address to your dependence to alcohol. We recommend you begin our admissions process  – it’s easier than you think. We want to help you or someone you know whose beer guzzling has gotten out of hand. (855) 491-7694.