Ropes Course Therapy in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way

Windward Way continually augments and grows its list of therapies to include the larger collection of valuable modalities within our unique addiction treatment program for men and women. Our staff wants to offer you options on the cutting edge and options that are engaging and enjoyable. Traditional addiction treatment methods like ropes course therapy pair well with more innovative treatment (and holistic) approaches such as yoga.

Our ropes course therapy is as challenging as it is exciting! People need to move around while they’re in treatment (and in “real” life)—your blood needs to flow fiercely as you challenge your fears and test what limits can be broken. Windward Way has just the exciting programs available like our totally unique adventure program—it gives people the challenges they’re looking for beyond the excitement they thought they had found in drugs or alcohol.

Within our highly acclaimed drug and alcohol rehab programs, our staff often takes advantage of the ropes course as one particularly effective therapy to push the limits you probably don’t even realize you have.

Since our experts want to focus on the source of a person’s perceived need to use drugs, we see each individual as a collection of many constituent elements comprising a whole person. This “holistic view” of substance abuse treatment is helpful. Its benefits lie in its ability to not just address the substance use itself, but also get at the core reasons behind a person’s dependence on drugs or alcohol. Windward Way also is firmly convinced that finding the fun in recovery is a worthwhile aim. The recovery life, after all, should be fun!

Dare yourself to transform your life with Windward Way. We’ll customize a treatment strategy just for you to help you rediscover your passions. (855) 491-7694.