Hypnotherapy Treatment in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way

The professional counseling and staff at Windward Way completely understand—addiction remains a stubborn illness and is difficult to treat. But since our rehab center draws from not just traditional addiction treatment methodologies, but also more innovative treatment protocols such as hypnotherapy, our addiction treatment program looks at all the angles. We can help you deal with your problem of abusing drugs or alcohol like no other.

Our program is as highly acclaimed as it is, because we use holistic approaches to substance abuse treatment like massageacupressureyoga and hypnotherapy. Specifically, our drug rehab and alcohol treatment program may develop this therapy into your individualized treatment regimen to help you find a new way to relax. Hypnotherapists may also help you retrieve past traumatic events that you have not resolved.

Hypnotherapy treatment can also be an ongoing therapy for people graduating from our program. Imagine not needing to ever score on getting drugs again, or being compelled to drink shots to unwind after work (and then later having to deal with the consequences.) Recovery is real and Windward Way can make it happen for you.

We can answer the questions that you may have about hypnotherapy or any other of the many treatment methods our staff employs. Let us custom fit a program, just for you. Risk the rewards only a recovery from Windward Way can deliver. Call now: (855) 491-7694.