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Have you heard of the new drug Hexen? You may know about it already and not realize it. This newer synthetic drug has many side effects and poses a danger to users and those around them. Hexen is more common than you may think and it is essential to understand exactly what this drug is and how it works on the user.

You will want to know more about the history, potential for addiction, and more. There is plenty to know about this newer substance. Keep reading to get the answers to these questions and educate yourself about one of the newest illegal drug threats out there today.

What Is Hexen?

One of the newer drugs on the street is known as Hexen. This drug is a synthetic type of cathinone. Although you might not know it by the name Hexen, you may recognize the term “bath salts.” This drug produces extreme psychoactive effects and hit the street in force around 2015.

This drug became popular in the last several years because it produces a rush of sensations that even create a sense of peace. The drug enhances the user’s mood, and the rush only appears with higher doses.

There are stories about the rash behavior of those using this drug, losing their inhibitions, and engaging in an alarming activity. The drug Hexen produces a range of effects to the user that include the following:

  • Hallucinations
  • Racing thoughts
  • Extremely social moods
  • Taking excessively
  • Euphoria

When a person uses this type of drug, their mood often resembles hyperactivity and anger. It can also lead to instances involving self-harm or harm to others. The effects are very noticeable and sudden.

How Does Hexen Work?

The way Hexen affects the brain is not totally clear today. Most experts believe this drug controls how the brain uses and produces dopamine and norepinephrine. Right now, there is not enough solid evidence to determine how it works when a person uses it. The only concrete information results from the drug after the user ingests it.

Even though the mode for Hexen’s effects is not clear, the results from using this drug are well documented. Researchers have observed those who use the substance to learn more. Many who begin using the drug have run-ins with law enforcement because of their troubling actions. People who choose to smoke Hexen notice the effects immediately after using the drug. Those effects are usually pronounced and the effects on the user present clearly.

How Is Hexen Ingested or Used?

The most common way for people to use Hexen is to smoke it or snort it. In some rarer cases, the user injects it into their system with a needle. Much like crack cocaine, the effects only last a short time. The sensations produced by using Hexen only last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

One of the dangers of Hexen use lies in the need to keep using the substance to achieve a sense of euphoria. Most users ingest or smoke the drug again after about 30 minutes. This means it can lead to severe medical symptoms and issues. Another problem with this drug is that it only creates the euphoric effect a limited number of times after the initial use. Once the feeling of euphoria subsides, other effects magnify, such as agitation and hyperactivity.

Another troubling fact about Hexen use is that it produces a severe crash period after the drug’s effects subside. There is a risk for developing suicidal thoughts and other dangerous mood changes. This crash stage often includes extreme depression. Some common feelings users experience include:

  • Hopelessness
  • Apathy
  • Lethargy
  • Sadness

Many people in the medical world recognize this drug has an increased chance of being addictive. Sometimes, the user goes through a binge process that is quite dangerous.

One reason is that prolonged use creates psychosis in some users. It is estimated that up to 15% of users develop these conditions and may not recover even with the help of an antipsychotic drug. It is important for you to realize the risk to the user’s body and mind when they use Hexen.

Legality of Hexen

The legality of Hexen is not clear in the United States. It is a dangerous street drug that causes significant risk to the user. It also creates a desire to continue taking it, but the drug might not be illegal. Most cathinones are Schedule I1 drugs.

That means they are the most dangerous and likely to pose a risk to the user’s life and welfare for the long term. This drug is not currently listed as a controlled substance with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), but that could change at any time. Unlike most Schedule I drugs, there is a medical use for this particular substance; its original intent was as a research drug.

Drug Similarities

Although this drug is unique among dangerous street drugs, it is similar to the more common illegal and addictive drugs. For instance, it has many of the qualities found in methamphetamine and cocaine.

The euphoric effects are similar as is the desire to do more right after using it. Like the more common street drugs, Hexen produces a high risk of psychosis with extended use. Another reason this drug is dangerous is that the user may often take other substances or drink alcohol. This works to increase or enhance effects.

This produces dangerous results and can cause serious medical events as a result. Some problems that arise when Hexen is mixed with other substances include seizures, other health concerns, and issues with social skills.

The Risk of Hexen Addiction

While there is no evidence of addictions to Hexen in current studies, experts and scientists feel there is a good chance for the user to develop a dependence on the drug. This thinking comes from the similarity of this drug to other stimulant drugs such as methamphetamine.

The user experiences extremes euphoria initially, but the high does not last long. Then, the user wants to ingest more to duplicate the euphoria. Over time, users want to find the drug whenever possible and have a risk of continued use or combined use with other substances.

There are also withdrawal symptoms that mimic those associated with similar drugs. The user develops psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, uncomfortable feelings, nausea, and more.

Those who use Hexen may develop stimulant use disorder. Some symptoms of this disorder include urges to use the drug, tolerance increase, impairment of daily functioning mentally and physically, and distress from discontinuing to use Hexen.

Guidelines for Dependency

Some common ways to diagnose someone with a physical dependence on this type of drug can include the following:

  • Vivid dreams
  • Increased appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Fatigue
  • Motor functioning impairment
  • Agitation
  • Body movements

These guidelines may also include depression, cravings for Hexen, psychosis, sweating, and rapid heart rate. Not all who experience these symptoms are addicted, but they are common signs that some dependence may occur. The best way to tell is to closely monitor the user.

If a user has more than one of these signs, it might be time to bring up the subject. Try to find out if they regularly use Hexen. If so, details about their use and what they mix the drug with when they use it help provide clearer insight into the problem.

Suspecting Hexen Use

Whether you use Hexen or suspect someone you know or love uses Hexen, you should prepare to take action to prevent any significant health events or impacts from prolonged use. Over time, this drug significantly alters the physical and mental well-being of the user.

The best way to approach someone suspected of using substances is to approach the topic with compassion and empathy. Keep in mind that drug users are often reluctant to discuss their drug use and addiction. Using positive approaches to the subject helps them open up and feel more comfortable about discussing the situation. Offering opportunities for the individual to seek treatment is also highly recommended.

Offering information about drug and alcohol treatment is a good way to suggest getting help and to allow them to think about admission. Reach out to a respected and knowledgeable drug and alcohol treatment center like Windward Way Recovery. We have a trained staff and medical experts who can help individuals achieve recovery from substances of all types, including Hexen.

Seeking Help

When it is time to seek help for drug use or addiction, it is important to work with a recovery center with experience helping patients. At Windward Way Recovery, our experts can analyze the situation and get the data to create admissions quickly and efficiently. We know individuals feel intimidated seeking help. Our goal is to help provide the most comfortable and secure experience to help each person get the attention they need right away.

The first step in the treatment process is making the phone call to Windward Way Recovery. After making the phone call, the person is connected with an expert who can gather related details of the person’s drug and alcohol use. They also get any important medical information. Individuals seeking admission often fear the process involves lengthy questioning and intrusive discussions.

When people begin working with one of our caring professionals, only the most important details are collected during the initial phone call. The goal is to gather as much pertinent information as possible and then collect the individual’s insurance information for immediate processing. This strategy helps ensure the person is admitted to the appropriate treatment center immediately so treatment can begin to help them overcome their addiction and build a healthier lifestyle.

Once all the person’s information is gathered appropriately, we made arrangements for transportation to the nearest recovery center specializing in their needs. We assigned a specialist to the case to keep in contact with the person while they are in transit to the treatment center.

We understand the admission process may be stressful and we want to be there to help through every step. We are available for the individual to contact if they feel anxious or have any negative feelings about the process. We coach them through the transportation process to get them safely and securely to the treatment center.

Once the person arrives at the treatment center, our caring staff greet them. We work hard to make sure each person who comes to the treatment center has the support and details they need to feel secure. During this process, we take great care to help the person adjust to the new surroundings and provide them with everything they need.

Whether it is someone to provide information or comfort them, we go the extra mile to ensure you get what you need. While at the treatment center, we collect more information to get a more in-depth review of the person’s needs. Some details we ask for include a more in-depth view of the patient’s use or history.

That includes any medical events or times where Hexen was mixed with other drugs and alcohol. This process helps create an effective treatment plan that addresses all their needs and potential issues along the way. Every detail of a person’s experience with drug use is important.

These details highlight any chances for additional withdrawal symptoms and allow experts to know what to expect along the path to recovery. Sometimes during the detoxification state, there are symptoms we must prepare to treat in advance to keep the person comfortable and prevent stress and anxiety.

We want to help people break free from their addictions and get the treatment they need. We use a proven method for making this happen. We work carefully with each patient to make sure they have a positive experience at the treatment center. There is no reason to be afraid to seek help for an addiction.

The process begins with a call and the person feeling renewed and ready to face the challenges of the world without having to use substances. Reach out to Windward Way Recovery today to get the help you need with addiction and treatment so you can live a safer, happier life drug- and alcohol-free.

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