Finding the Way Beyond Your Smoking Addiction

Get Help for a Smoking Addiction and So Much More

It’s obvious in this day and age that cigarettes are unhealthy. What’s less clear is how to quit smoking when it has prompted an even more urgent drug or alcohol abuse. Since Windward Way’s program for addiction treatment deals with each person from a holistic approach, you will find our many treatment modalities uniquely provide the answer you’re seeking—for yourself or for another young man you care about.

If you want to stop smoking but haven’t found the tools to deal with the flood of addictions, we’re here to help you begin the process. We will stand beside you, every step of the way as you discover how to live independently without drugs or alcohol. Call us: 855-491-7694.

The Adventure of Recovery, the Windward Way

When a man discovers he’s not only addicted to smoking, but also battling a heroin, meth, or another substance-use disorder, Windward Way is right here to throw light on a new path for his life. In fact, that’s what we’re so excited to share with you—our drug treatment and alcohol rehab we have crafted to be like no other program you’ll find.

Your new adventure is waiting. We’re here to build an individualized plan, just for you. Our friendly intake experts can also navigate the often frustrating and baffling insurance procedures. Call us now and begin your new adventure in recovery. 855-491-7694.