PCP Detox

PCP Detox Programs to Help with Withdrawal Issues

Phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP, is a hallucinogenic and addictive drug. First developed as an intravenous anesthetic in the 1950s, its use was discontinued because of the harsh and potentially dangerous side-effects it induced in the patient. Since its discontinuation as a medical drug, PCP has taken up residence on the street. Coming in the form of a crystalline white powder, its hallucinogenic, psychedelic effects can be addictive and unsafe. Accidental injury and death can occur while under its grip. At Windward Way, people suffering from the treacherous pull of PCP are given the support and guidance needed to kick the habit for good. Windward Way’s accredited rehabilitation and PCP detox programs help with withdrawal issues specific to the drug.

What are the signs and symptoms of PCP withdrawal?

PCP is an addictive drug, and common symptoms of withdrawal include sweating, headaches, and intense cravings to use the drug. Flashbacks and increased need for sleep are also common symptoms of withdrawal. Flashbacks can occur for months after cessation.

What is the timeline for PCP detox?

The chemicals in PCP bind to brain and fat tissue in the body, therefore the drug takes longer to clear from the body. The half-life of PCP is anywhere from seven to forty-six hours, and it can take anywhere from two to ten days for the drug to completely clear from the system.

Other factors determine how fast the person in recovery will completely detox from the drug. Age, weight, height, fitness level, metabolic rate, how long the person has been using can all affect the detox timeline.

Can this withdrawal process be life-threatening?

Withdrawing from PCP use is typically not life-threatening; however, the physical and mental effects of withdrawal can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for those wishing to quit the drug. Intense cravings for the drug, pain from headaches, and the discomfort from sleep disturbances can place the recovering addict at increased risk of relapse.

Detoxing in a safe environment like the rehabilitation center at Windward Way can offer the needed support to make recovery likely. Since the one in recovery is in a structured environment, the withdrawal symptom of increased cravings for the drug is a much less worrisome occurrence. In a safe rehabilitation center, the object of the craving is not available, and the user can ride out the symptom until it ceases its hold.

How do detox medications help manage the symptoms?

Detox medications can lessen the severity of PCP withdrawal symptoms. Less discomfort and pain can help the person in recovery stay on course to become free of the drug. Undertaking drug rehabilitation in a detox center, surrounded by supportive counselors and trained medical staff, is more likely to result in a full, life-long recovery than if the sufferer were to try to tough-out the effects of withdrawal in isolation.

Here at Windward Way, our trained counselors and committed staff offer real support, changing men’s lives and freeing them from the demon of addiction.

Medically Supervised PCP Detox

The top resource of Windward Way’s PCP detox center is the people we employ. Since Windward Way’s medically supervised detox not only has the comfort but also the safety of our clients in mind, you can rest easy knowing that you or someone you love will be safe. More importantly, since the use of this drug is so dangerous, the detox from PCP will be exactly the beginning you need to start our PCP addiction rehabilitation process. You will be in our capable hands to get you off this drug.

Admission is only a click or a call away—now is the time to enroll in our highly praised program for recovery. We can get you detoxing off PCP and we are with you the whole time. Get your life back with Windward Way’s highly praised drug rehab. Call us now at (855) 491-7694.

PCP Addiction Treatment, the Windward Way

It isn’t necessary that a PCP addiction treatment be a bad experience. Instead, graduates of our PCP rehab center often tell us the time they spent in Windward Way’s addiction treatment program was one of the highlights of their lives.

You will experience firsthand both our committed staff and also our dually accredited programOur goal is to effect real change in men’s lives. Since we are well acquainted with the addiction types with which people often fight against, you’ll be pleased to know that you or someone you care for will be getting the top addiction treatment they possibly can with us. It’s just a fact—we want everyone to realize the success they are capable of.

Our intake counselors will help guide you through the entire process. Pick up the phone—it’s not as hard as you might think: (855) 491-7694.