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Finding the Way Beyond Your Addiction to Sleeping Pills

Get Help for a Sleeping Pills Addiction and So Much More

An addiction to sleeping pills is an urgent situation in and of itself. Maybe it started as taking OTC antihistamines such as Benadryl®. Then it advanced to the stronger stuff like Ambien® or Lunesta®. Pretty soon, you found yourself panicking when your prescription ran short.

Then you realized you could not quit taking sleeping pills to even function the next day at work. However, the solution to end your addiction you simply could not find. Often men in this situation begin taking alcohol as a sleep aid—never a good idea. Full-blown addiction to other drugs or alcohol is often never far away.

If you want to know how to stop taking sleeping pills or other mind-altering substances, Windward Way’s addiction treatment program is here to give you the results you’re after. Our counselors can start the process right now. Just call us at 855-491-7694.

The Adventure of Recovery, the Windward Way

When men discover they are not only addicted to sleeping pills, but also suffering from a crippling addiction to opiates, benzos, alcohol, or other prescription medication, Windward Way offers lasting answers when other rehabs simply push you through their cookie-cutter program. Our drug rehab program will get you off the medication to give you a fresh start. In the same way, our alcohol rehab can give you the skills you’ll need to learn how to live without liquor.

A treatment plan for sleeping pills addiction first requires that we assess your specific situation. Fortunately, with the many treatment modalities our staff knows—inside and out—you’ll soon discover the solution that has helped many other men not unlike yourself. You don’t have to wait—Windward Way has the answer you’ve been looking for: 855-491-7694.