Finding the Way Through Your Anxiety-Related Substance Abuse

Get Help You Deserve for Anxiety-Related Substance Abuse

A question people sometimes have for us is whether Windward Way is qualified in providing help for addiction along with anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Unquestionably yes—we know that some men who enroll in our addiction treatment program have been diagnosed with co-occurring disorders (also called dual diagnoses). Windward Way’s clinical partnerships will be able to address an addiction treatment for anxiety patients.

If you persistently worry about everyday events and fear seems to rule your life, it’s possible that there may be a diagnosable condition of anxiety along with your addiction to alcohol and/or psychoactive drugs. Windward Way can provide effective anxiety therapy by way of our treatment modalities we use for young men with this disorder. If you or someone you love wants to get help for substance abuse, and needs a rehab center for patients with anxiety—call us this instant. We can help build an individualized plan to help you address your issues on both fronts: (844) 252-5930.

A New Life at Windward Way

Windward Way intentionally sets the bar high for its employees to provide the best amenities available for the young men we serve. As an addiction treatment provider for clients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Windward Way has the drug and alcohol rehab programs you need to tackle your issues head on. Find out now how we can be just the new beginning you’re seeking for yourself or for someone you love: (844) 252-5930.