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Sound Therapy in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way Recovery

Windward Way is dedicated to a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. It makes us what we are and everyone working here knows how important it is. Our definite goal is to craft our drug rehab and alcohol treatment program to use many different modalities for treatment like sound therapy. Sound therapy can help men in recovery discover an alternative to using alcohol or drugs to unwind after a stressful day at class, in the office, or at home.

Since our rehab center draws on not just the traditional addiction treatment strategies, but also newer, more innovative methods like sound therapy, our addiction treatment program can address your substance use from many fronts, with a whole multitude of new and novel approaches. Many of these have stuck for the graduates of our program as healthy practices they do from day to day to help them maintain a healthy, long-term recovery.

In addition, sound therapy can offer men a path to rediscover their emotional core using music or sound to get deeper issues that might be at play. Sound therapy may also alleviate boredom and loneliness—two intense relapse triggers for most men fighting addiction. Offered in tandem with other modalities for treatment like meditation, music and meditation tracks can become a powerful ally to help young men discover the purpose and meaning to their lives.

We can answer any inquiries that you may have about sound therapy or for the other therapies we employ to effect a real transformation for men. Let’s build a program, made just for you. You deserve another chance with Windward Way’s help to guide you: 855-491-7694.