Experiential Therapy at Windward Way Rehab Center

Living life without drugs or alcohol is challenging. This might first sound like a ‘duh’ statement, but the facts speak for themselves: men need to feel challenged and find a purpose and meaning for their lives beyond looking for where they can get their next high. Windward Way uses addiction treatment therapy within our treatment program to enact positive (and sustainable) changes in our clients’ lives—we do this through . . . fun experiences and providing quality clinical services.

At Windward Way, we use outdoor activities such as ropes courses, hiking, kayaking —you name it. Our adventure program excursions are especially popular with the guys because let’s face it: our location in southern California has a corner on the market when it comes to fun and challenging outdoor activities.

This much is clear—to get at something as deeply rooted as addiction, men need a substance abuse treatment plan that uses a whole collection of addiction treatment modalities. Both our drug rehab and our alcohol addiction treatment programs offer just the enjoyable and engaging experiences men are after. Don’t wait—call now to see just how incredibly exciting your new life experience in recovery can be with Windward Way: (844) 252-5930.