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Brain Mapping in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way

Windward Way continues to advance its therapies to encompass the larger body of evidence-based addiction science. We use these innovative addiction treatment methods to provide the most comprehensive care for men aged 18-45. One such methodology looks into how the brain is interconnected through a person’s unhealthy habits such as an addiction.

A chronic addiction will impact a person’s neural pathways and brain mapping can get at the root causes behind the desire to pick up and use a substance. Translate: a person’s behaviors have been formed by the day-to-day habits he has acted on. Brain maps can isolate these root behaviors and reconfigure them by establishing new, healthier pathways to promote long-term recovery.


In both our drug and alcohol rehabs, our staff may recommend brain mapping as one modality (alongside other traditional addiction treatment methods such as a 12-Step Program) to effect real change in a client’s life.

Since our professionals want to pinpoint the causes and triggers of a person’s behavior, we see each person as a collective whole. This holistic view of substance abuse treatment effectively comes to grips with not just the substance use itself, but also the underlying causes. We’re exceedingly proud of our addiction treatment program we have shaped to be like no other you can find for men.

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