Blood Chemistry Analysis in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way

At Windward Way, we avail ourselves with every medical and scientific breakthrough. We use cutting edge addiction treatment methods to give our clients the very best care they can receive. One novel approach is to analyze a person’s blood to determine which nutrients are lacking or if there are imbalances present contributing to a person’s state of feeling unwell. It’s one of the reasons why we include blood chemistry analysis for addiction treatment – we’re striving to treat all the angles for our clients to offer a holistic substance abuse program, completely individualized for each client we serve.

Our first-rate clinical team may discover deficiencies in your blood that need to be set right again. One instance we often see is with low B vitamin levels, which lead to increased stress and anxiety. A client’s hypertension and other metabolic dysfunction can stem from a reduced magnesium count. We will take your blood chemistry results into consideration as we develop a nutritional program for you within your drug rehab.

Especially for clients entering our alcohol rehab, our clinical partners will carry out a complete liver enzyme analysis. Alcohol and many drugs can be especially harsh on the liver. Often, clients are self-medicating themselves with the very substance which is only contributing more to the problem.