BioSound Therapy in Addiction Treatment at Windward Way Recovery

Addiction is a pernicious, stubborn illness. Windward Way recognizes how difficult it may have been for you or for someone you care about. Since our rehab center draws on not just the traditional addiction treatment methods, but also newer, more innovative methods like BioSound therapy, our addiction treatment program can get at the heart of a man’s struggle with alcohol or drugs.

It’s this holistic approach to substance abuse treatment that allows our program to shine above the others. Specifically, our drug rehab and alcohol treatment program may employ the use of BioSound therapy, which can help men in recovery discover a new alternative to using alcohol or drugs in order to relax.

More importantly, clients can explore their emotions using music or sound to get at the biological response triggers invoke. This, in turn, can establish healthier living routines that promote a vigorous, long-term recovery. Many of our graduates commend the time we took to help them learn these new practices and integrate them into their lives.

BioSound therapy may also alleviate boredom and loneliness—two intense relapse triggers for most men struggling with a substance use disorder. Paired with other modalities for treatment like meditation, BioSound can become a powerful ally to encourage recovery for the long haul.

We can answer the questions that you may have about BioSound therapy or any other of the many therapies we use. Let us individualize a program, just for you. Call now: (844) 252-5930.