Marijuana Addiction Treatment at Windward Way Rehab Center

How Windward Way Provides a Treatment for Excess Marijuana Use Like No Other

Many who reach out to Windward Way Treatment Center want to know the answers for these three top questions: will the young man with an issue with marijuana be safe and treated well in our program—and most importantly—will the substance abuse rehab for marijuana be helpful to set a new path for a life of recovery?

We can answer the first two questions with confidence. Most assuredly yes! We work hard to provide both compassion & individualized structured care. We employ multiple modalities to get at the root causes behind marijuana use. Since everyone’s situation is different, we build a customized rehab for marijuana on a case-by-case basis. No one is left out.

On top of that, our experts continually receive ongoing education of how best to treat the compulsive use of marijuana. We want to pass on the answers you’re seeking for a solution to your problem. Since we’re here 24/7, reach out right this moment: (844) 252-5930.

Marijuana: An Addictive Substance We Effectively Treat

Some people say that marijuana is not an addictive substance. We beg to differ. Research has shown that up to 30% of people who use this drug will develop not only a psychological affinity to continue using, but also acquire a marijuana use disorder. When a person becomes addicted to marijuana it means that even though the use of the drug is interfering with daily life, the person cannot stop using.

Since our medically assisted marijuana detox treats each person on an individual basis, we will craft a transition for you as you move into our inpatient rehab. One complication with marijuana today is the drug’s legal status in some states. Despite the recent changes, we still gauge each person’s use of that substance with one lens: is it destroying their life? After all, alcohol has been legal for some time, and it wrecks lives all the time.

The rehab center at Windward Way has had widespread success with our addiction treatment program to stop a dependency on marijuana in its tracks. You’ll be surprised how straightforward our admissions process is. You or someone you care deeply about won’t have to keep living without hope for the future. Finally, an alternative to being stoned all the time will be readily available. (Plus, your monthly pizza budget will go down significantly!) Call us now to begin your new life: (844) 252-5930.