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Dave Rofosky

Dave Rofosky
Detox Manager

Dave, Detox Manager and Registered Recovery Worker, is a native New Yorker- and such a determined soul. Before working at Windward Way Recovery, Dave attended The University of South Florida, majoring in Mass Communications. Dave’s unwavering loyalty to those detoxing and in treatment gives him passion and perseverance which is naturally contagious to the clients he encounters. His unique life experiences, father-like love, communication skills, and hard work has shaped Dave into a valuable asset at Windward Way. Dave has held many positions within the company: Support Staff, Lead Overnight, Medication Manager, Quality and Compliance Specialist, and now, Detox Manager.

As Detox Manager, Dave monitors and assesses clients upon intake to provide comfort and consistency through their detoxing stages. As a Windward Way Alumni, Dave understands and values the success rates that residential addiction treatment combined with process therapy has with maintaining life-long sobriety. When not managing Windward’s detox, Dave enjoys spending time with his son, playing ice-hockey, and laughing with his AA support brothers.

“When I stopped living in the problem and began living in the answer, the problem went away.” 
― Alcoholics Anonymous